The Australian Law and Economics Association was established in the late 1990s. It was part of the ANU Centre for Law and Economics until 2016, when it was decided to make the Association independent of any university.

The Association is managed by an Executive Committee that consists of no fewer than three and no more than ten persons (referred to as “members of the executive committee”) elected by the members of the Association each year by a simple majority vote of members of the association at the annual general meeting (AGM). Only members of the association who are in good standing can be or remain members of the Executive Committee.

The officers of the Association are: the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer – or any combination thereof may be held by the same person simultaneously.

The objectives of AustLEA are:

  1. Generally to promote the interests of the Australian Law and Economics Association
  2. To contribute to the development and advancement of research in the economic analysis of law
  3. To encourage meetings and exchanges of academic and practising lawyers with academic and practising economists
  4. To Promote law reform and the improvement of the Australian Legal system
  5. Such other objects as in the opinion of the executive or members may be in the best interests of the association

The Association offers the following services:

  • Annual National Conference
  • Local Seminars with  visiting speakers
  • National and International Linkages
  • Education
  • Website